Cornell Veterinary Educators Academy Conference


“(Re)Assessing Assessment: Considerations for Clinical Competence and Curriculum” the upcoming Cornell Veterinary Educators Academy conference, will be held January 12-14 in Sarasota, Florida.

The conference theme will focus on assessment, particularly within the context of a competency-based curriculum. Assessing clinical reasoning, communication and professionalism present challenges that differ from those focused on assessing technical skills. Together, we will consider questions such as:

  • What approaches are most successful for teaching “invisible” skills such as professionalism and clinical reasoning?
  • When students’ performance does not meet expectations, what sorts of remediation strategies are most effective?
  • How much is enough, and are the results reliable?
  • What are best practices for assessing these complex skills? Are some formats better than others?
  • Are there (or what are) the tensions between global ratings, checklists, and formative or summative feedback?  

Keynote speakers will address these and related topics to stimulate our thinking and frame continued discussion.

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Presentations on all aspects of veterinary education and advanced training are welcome!

For more information, see the Call for Proposals:

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