IAMSE Spring Webcast


Empowering Minds:
Fostering a Dynamic Culture of Teaching and Learning 

Medical education presents ever-changing opportunities and challenges for learning communities and institutions. In the past five years alone, learners and educators have confronted a global pandemic that temporarily ended in-class content delivery, the advent of Pass/Fail score reporting on USMLE Step 1/COMLEX Level 1with dramatic effects on residency placement for both US and foreign medical graduates, and the expanding use of Artificial Intelligence in clinical practice and medical education. The Spring 2024 IAMSE Webinar Series will address strategies to expand and enhance a dynamic culture of teaching and learning for our educators and learners. This five-part series will begin with a consideration of how best to serve an increasingly diverse group of learners and promote the expansion of diversity at all levels. The webinar series will explore the importance of maintaining and enhancing a culture of professionalism, then generational differences within learning communities will be addressed, reflecting the three or more generations represented by learners and faculty at most medical schools. Another session will examine approaches to promoting wellness and mitigating burnout among all learning community members in the context of educating future clinicians on the importance of work-life balance. The series will conclude with a consideration of the “hidden curriculum”, perceived by many learners as a parallel curriculum. The goal of the series is to encourage and enable participants to embrace change and foster innovative approaches to teaching and learning as we conclude the initial quartile of the twenty-first century. 

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